You need to remember that being a PLC programmer will provide you one of the most significant salaries in the engineering industry. At the same time, you will have the ability to design advanced monitoring and control systems is crucial and strategic industries.

Therefore, you can become part of a general improvement that happens currently in most industries and land a dream job with a fantastic salary that will change the way you live.

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 If you reached the point of getting a degree, the next step is to find a job that will help you prevent the downtime and waiting to become more experienced.

Even though the process of becoming and reaching the perfect job that you can think within the industry requires previous knowledge, you will be able to do it without it. Remember that you should avoid giving up, especially if someone turns your offer down.

At the same time, you should avoid settling for irrelevant jobs that do not have anything in common with the degree they obtained. However, if you think that you have proper knowledge of PLC programming, you need to commit yourself to a cause completely.

You have to enter the proper mindset that will help you land a job as an automation engineer or programmer without proper experience.

After a while, you will get real-time experience, which will help you reach the point of designing systems for large industries, including steel, petroleum, gas, and oil, among others.

The idea is to be patient, and you will be able to land the first promotion a few years after getting the initial position. Finally, you can become a managing part of the source and work with most experienced programmers and engineers that will help you become a better expert than before.

Tips for Landing a First PLC Programming Job

1.     Education is Essential

It does not matter whether you are a bachelor in science or engineering; the idea is to gain as much theoretical and practical knowledge as you can. The idea is that being a Bachelor is not a unique moment because numerous people can achieve it nowadays.

However, enrolling training programs that will increase your specific knowledge in particular systems, models, and the software will help you get the job faster than before.

The idea is to invest in yourself and to spare as much as you can to obtain the proper knowledge because you will be able to pay it and return the investment as time goes by.

Each course will bring you one step closer to the goal of becoming a real and professional PLC programmer.

So, although I was not in a good financial situation at that time, I invested most of the money I earned into the different training courses that I thought would be able to help me come closer to my final goal: a job as a PLC programmer.

You can take numerous courses that will bring you closer to stand out from others from your class and the same level of education. For instance, Ethernet, Profibus, WinCC, Monitoring Systems, Industrial Internet of Things, and many others will help you achieve the desired career.

Implementing these courses within your resume will show the employers and HR managers that you are unique compared to others. Therefore, the next realization will include the idea of you being hungry for knowledge, which means that you will improve and advance on the job.

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At the same time, they do not need to spend time and money to train you from scratch. Instead, they will get the person with proper skills to prevent expensive downtimes that can reduce the significant profit due to lousy PLC troubleshooting.

2.     Give Them the Offer They Won’t Be Able To Refuse

The idea is to offer something that is challenging to ignore especially for business that wishes to improve compared with competitors. During a pre-employment interview, you will need to display your skills so that they can determine your level of expertise.

For instance, you need to be unique and create a moment that they will not be able to ignore and reject. Even though it sounds harsh, you can easily say that you are ready to work half a year without salary as the way of passing the trial.

Even though it does not make sense at first, it is much better than doing nothing. At the same time, you will be able to give them a chance to determine the levels of your expertise so that you can get the perfect salary afterward.

Even though it sounds like you are giving up, the idea is to show them that you are ready to work for harsh conditions at first to show them your value and expertise.

It may become tight during the first six months, but generally, you will gain respect if you show yourself as others.

Of course, in some situation, the manager will start paying you before six months, especially if he is satisfied with the way you work and operate.

By considering this particular offer, you will stand out from the crowd and present to others that you are willing to sacrifice six months of useful life for the dream position and career in their company.

The idea is to be creative and find ways to offer something they will not be able to refuse.