Apple is one of the most popular companies in the world today and its products are even more popular. The company’s iPad range for instance tops the market for tablets. As a buyer, you have five different models to choose from. Total global sales of iPads exceed 350 million iPads at the moment and are expected to grow even further and the company continues to do research to solve flaws and introduce even better products.

However, even though iPads are good products, it doesn’t mean that they don’t come with flaws that need to be overcome. When you buy an iPad, it won’t be more than ten years before you need to see a technician to get your device repaired. Ipad repair is a normal thing and that is why there are so many technicians around who can get the job done for you.

Let us take a look at three most common problems that iPads develop and how you can solve them.

Frozen screen

This is a very common problem where the screen of your iPad freezes and won’t respond no matter how much you touch or press it. If you want to know how common this problem is, then you can visit Apple’s support forum. This problem is usually caused by specific apps on your iPad, but identifying which app is causing the problem can be a bit of a problem.

If you happen to run into this problem, you should take note of the apps you currently have running and then try to uninstall them to see if that solves the problem for good.

If you have a frozen screen, you should try restarting your phone. You can do this by pressing and holding the power button until the device asks you if you want to shut it down. If you power the phone up again, you should be able to see the Apple logo. That means that restarting your device worked.

Besides restarting your device, you can also force restart it. This is done by pressing and holding down the power button together with the home button for at least ten seconds. You will know if this worked when you see the Apple logo on your screen. You can try a system restore if these two methods don’t work.

iPad won’t turn on

if you have ever used any electronic device, then you know that you can wake up one day and the device won’t power up. This is a very common problem with Apple’s iPad. If this happens, you need to take the following steps.

You shouldn’t assume the worst because this might be a problem you can solve very easily by simply pressing and holding down the power button together with the home button. You should do this until Apple’s logo appears. Sometimes, iPads do this when the battery is empty. Thus, plugging in your charger might solve the problem.

iTunes doesn’t recognize iPad

This is a common problem where your device doesn’t appear on itunes. This problem might be caused by a faulty cable of port. You can also try upgrading your iTunes to the latest version. You should also try to change settings and preferences.

If these solutions don’t work, you might want to see a technician or visit Apple’s support forum.